This webpage is a service for anyone interested in ornamental tropical foliage plant varieties developed at the the University of Florida - Mid-Florida Research and Education Center.
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Pothos | 'Green Genie'™(PPAF)

 Pothos ‘Green Genie’ (above photo) is an induced mutation from pothos ‘Marble Queen’. The leaves of ‘Green Genie’ are shiny and uniform deep green. The petiole color is also green in the center but the outer 1-2 mm edges are white on newly developing leaves.  This white edge is unique to this new cultivar.  Overall, ‘Green Genie’ has a sturdier appearance, thicker vine diameter and shorter internodes compared the parent plant ‘Marble Queen’.







'Green Genie'
Propagation Prohibited
This new foliage plant makes an excellent interior plant for homes or offices

Plant Care
- Filtered light
- No direct sunlight
- Keep above 40°



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