This webpage is a service for anyone interested in ornamental tropical foliage plant varieties developed at the the University of Florida - Mid-Florida Research and Education Center.
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Algaonema | 'Moonlight Bay' (PPAF)

‘Moonlight Bay’ Aglaonema is a mutation discovered within a population of ‘Silver Bay’ Aglaonema plants. Mature Aglaonema ‘Moonlight Bay’ leaves are lance shaped and reach 5 to 6 inches wide and 10 to -12 inches in length. Leaves exhibit an uneven and sporadic central gray-green area that extends from each side of the midrib towards the margin.  In some spots, this gray area is very narrow while in other is covers half the leaf surface from midrib to margin. Leaf margins are dark green and connect with the lighter gray colored central area along irregular borders. The undersides of the leaves are lighter green.  Leaf margins are smooth and leaf tissue on either side of the midrib tends to be of slightly unequal widths. This results in curving or waviness of the leaf towards the narrower side.  The leaf petiole is a light yellow green in color. The stem color ranges from areas that are a darker yellow green to lighter areas in the same color range. The stem and petiole colors are not normally visible due to the thick canopy of foliage.



'Moonlight Bay'
Propagation Prohibited
This new foliage plant makes an excellent interior plant for homes or offices

Plant Care
- Filtered light
- No direct sunlight
- Keep above 40°



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