This webpage is a service for anyone interested in ornamental tropical foliage plant varieties developed at the the University of Florida - Mid-Florida Research and Education Center.
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Algaonema | 'Golden Bay' (PP10,140)

Golden Bay Aglaonema is a hybrid plant involving several parents and combines the best traits of all of them. Mature Aglaonema ‘Golden Bay’ leaves can be up to 4 inches wide and 12 inches long. Leaves have a green-white midrib running through a central part of the leaf that is enclosed by a gray band that extends out from each side of the midrib to cover slightly over half of the total leaf surface.  The leaf margins are dark green and intersect the lighter gray colored central area along irregular borders. This overlap creates small distinct patches of a third color that is a darker gray-green.  Golden Bay has white petioles.  The stem color, generally not visible due to the clasping attachment of the petioles varies in shades of yellow-green. Aglaonema ‘Golden Bay’ branches moderately, producing 3 to 6 basal shoots per single stem cutting. Golden Bay Aglaonema performs excellently under interior conditions. 



'Golden Bay'
Propagation Prohibited
This new foliage plant makes an excellent interior plant for homes or offices

Plant Care
- Filtered light
- No direct sunlight
- Keep above 40°



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