This webpage is a service for anyone interested in ornamental tropical foliage plant varieties developed at the the University of Florida - Mid-Florida Research and Education Center.
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Algaonema | Diamond Bay (PPAF)

‘Diamond Bay’ Aglaonema is a sport from Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’ that was noticed because it lacked one of the foliar variegation patterns normally present in ‘Silver Bay’ leaves. The ‘Diamond Bay’ selection was increased by stem cuttings at MREC-Apopka and studied for stability and performance for 2 years. Aglaonema ‘Diamond Bay’ remained stable while maintaining its new foliar pattern and other desirable traits of its parent.

Mature Aglaonema ‘Diamond Bay’ leaves are 4-5 inches wide and 11to 12 inches long. Leaf margins are smooth and the leaf tissue on either side of the midrib tends to be of slightly unequal widths. Leaves exhibit a central grey-green area that extends out from each side of the midrib to cover slightly over half of the total leaf surface. Leaf margins are green and meet the lighter gray colored central area in an irregular pattern. The undersides of the leaves are uniform green.

Aglaonema Diamond Bay

Aglaonema Diamond Bay

'Diamond Bay'
Propagation Prohibited
This new foliage plant makes an excellent interior plant for homes or offices

Plant Care
- Filtered light
- No direct sunlight
- Keep above 40°



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